Bridges Out of Poverty (Day 2)

Bridges Out of Poverty workshop- Day 2
You dont have to do Day 1 & Day 2 together but you do need to attend a Day 1 before Day 2. Bring your copy of Bridges Out of Poverty text from Day 1 with you.

8:30am-3:00pm.. Lunch**Please list special dietary needs in special instructions at checkout.
Jennings County Public Library, 2375 Indiana 3, North Vernon, IN 47265 Map
This work is about connectedness and relationships; it’s about all of us.The focus of the Bridges initiative is on shared responsibilities, new insights, interdependence and solutions.

In A Framework for Understanding Poverty and Bridges Out of Poverty,Dr. Ruby Payne asserts that there are powerful hidden rules that govern behavior and interactions within different economic classes. When educators, human service providers, and employers work with people in poverty, these hidden rules are often the source of irritation and confusion among the parties and can be a barrier to success. By better understanding the challenges faced by people in poverty, and by learning to suspend the judgments that often accompany interactions along the continuum of economic class, providers can be partners in paving the way to economic stability.

Poverty creates unique and often hidden obstacles that require specific strategies to overcome. The Bridges approach views individuals living in poverty as problem solvers who have the capability to exercise choice and power in designing their own "future stories." By assessing the various resources available or lacking to people in poverty, such as financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, and support systems, plans to grow these resources can be developed in an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity.

The Bridges theory of understanding economic diversity has proven effective in several important areas:

  • Delivery of human services
  • Efforts by employers to boost retention of employees transitioning from welfare to work
  • Bringing disparate groups together to work for long-term community sustainability

Bridges offers a common language of understanding, both for people living in poverty and for those who work with them—the two target populations of the Bridges initiative in Jennings County.

Scholarship code available for all JCSC Educators, and Jennings Co. Dept of Child Services & WorkOne. Other scholarships available by request.

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Bridges Out of Poverty (Day 2)
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